Felt like being cute because.. why not? This is my nigga, Erick. He’s my boyfriend, my bae, and most importantly, my best friend. No one else makes me feel the type of way I feel when we’re together. No one else makes me laugh and smile the way he does and I feel like he deserves a little appreciation. I love you, butthead. ♥

I’m so excited! I actually look cute in this picture! 😎😎

Can’t handle my selfie game. 😎

Tell me I’m pretty.

It finally came in the mail  I’m super excited. @joesantagato #me #joesantagato #jsantagato #santagatotv #santagatotvtuesday #excited.PS. Since Joe follows me on tumblr, maybe he’ll see this on his dash ^.^<3 

what is this? a picture i ACTUALLY like !? or don’t hate is what i should say …. loltime to change my sidebar pic… 

For some reason I can’t be in normal clothes at home . As soon as I get home from wherever I have to change into a tshirt & soccer shorts lol . #me #comfy #braid #smile #ithinkmy #eyelashes #lookedgoodtoday #lol #pjs #seconddayofschoolwaswhack #iwanttogobacktohighschool (Taken with Instagram)

so i jammed my finger during my game yesterday and now i have to wear my splint >.<picture from my instagram: @ohhsandrraa 

1234wallawalla thought they would make a witty comment , but i put them in their place and called them out for getting the comment from tumblr … and i got top comment . biggest accomplishment of the year

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