I’m so excited! I actually look cute in this picture! 😎😎

Can’t handle my selfie game. 😎

Tell me I’m pretty.

It finally came in the mail  I’m super excited. @joesantagato #me #joesantagato #jsantagato #santagatotv #santagatotvtuesday #excited.PS. Since Joe follows me on tumblr, maybe he’ll see this on his dash ^.^<3 

what is this? a picture i ACTUALLY like !? or don’t hate is what i should say …. loltime to change my sidebar pic… 

For some reason I can’t be in normal clothes at home . As soon as I get home from wherever I have to change into a tshirt & soccer shorts lol . #me #comfy #braid #smile #ithinkmy #eyelashes #lookedgoodtoday #lol #pjs #seconddayofschoolwaswhack #iwanttogobacktohighschool (Taken with Instagram)

so i jammed my finger during my game yesterday and now i have to wear my splint >.<picture from my instagram: @ohhsandrraa 

1234wallawalla thought they would make a witty comment , but i put them in their place and called them out for getting the comment from tumblr … and i got top comment . biggest accomplishment of the year

so i had an adventure at target with my sister and dad today .

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